Capture the Flag Competition

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The Grantite State Code Camp Capture the Flag Challenge is an informal hacking competition. Designed for all levels and abilities, you will be presented with various challenges to work through at your own pace, before, during and after the event. It is first and foremost intended to be fun and educational. Collaboration is encouraged! Please be careful to not give a way any secrets to those who do not want them. With that said, do feel free to assist anyone who asks for help.

Challenges may include encoding, encryption, OWASP top 10, programming skills, etc. It's a mixed bag. Google is your friend. Also, your friend is your friend and there is no such thing as cheating. Likely there are multiple ways to arrive at the answer.

How It Works

Inside, you will be presented with a number of challenges. Read the description (if there is one), solve the challenge and submit the flag. When you have entered the "flag" correctly, your account will receive the allotted points. Flags are just text values, generally random, meaningless words. Please collaborate in the Capture the Flag Teams channel and tweet with #GSCCCTF2021. Check back often, new challenges could appear at any time. Have fun!

p.s., Don't forget to update your profile and give yourself a cool hacker name for the leaderboard!

How Do I Get Access?

  1. Register for the Granite State Code Camp here
  2. Wait for email confirmation that you have been provisioned
  3. Come back here, log in with the account you used to register for GSCC and start hacking!
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